Our Oracle Lucritia is Delphi’s answer to “ What would Venus do?

Let’s face it; no matter what form it takes, love touches every life.

And when it does, things can get a little crazy. Deep, sensitive and down to earth; One of our founding Oracles; Lucritia has been doing readings for over 20 years and can help shed some light on the depths of the heart. ‘Cause the first heart you need to understand . . .is your own.

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Coming Soon


Yes . . it’s her name

One of our Founding Oracles, Hex has been doing readings since most Oracles were in diapers . . no really; she used to do this in exchange for baby supplies as a single mom. People asked her to take up reading as a business and the rest as they say is history. She brings a down to earth wisdom to those seeking solid advice. . . with a touch of scary accurate. When “Wild Wisdom” is what you need, talk to Hex.

Do you live in the Boise Area? You can also schedule a reading in person. Call for pricing and availability.